Thursday, February 12, 2009

One last snowfall.

On my way out to Leduc to look at a new truck. Stopped at gateway park because I haven't got a digital picture out there yet.

Riding home in some sunshine the other day, maybe winter is loosening its hold. Snapped this picture waiting in lline downtown. I thought the buildings looked great together.

Foggy Morning

On my way into work yesterday morning and I have my camera but I haven't taken a picture for a couple weeks. Coming over the Capilano bridge the fog is heavy and just starting to lift. The sun hits the Manulife building in a blinding fireball. A great site to see but it wouldn't make a good photo so I keep driving. Hitting the industrial area on the south side the sun is fighting to break through above an abandoned field. Great mood scene but i keep driving. Some men working above the Nova building in the fog and hazy sun, again i drive by. Things start to get to me and I double back to the empty field. I wade through shin deep snow and get that moody shot. Hopefully I am out of that funk and I can start taking more pictures.